This design is for a casual French restaurant located in a quiet neighborhood at some distance from downtown Shiga.The pleasure of French dinner I think is to take your sweet time with conversation and wine at a special seat.Our new approach to this design is to show the contrast of sense between when you are walking and when you are seated.We created a border line at the eye level on the every wall in this restaurant.It doesn’t only run between the mortal finish and the plywood, but also controls the level of each pendant light.All the guests escorted from the entrance and seated must be surprised at the view of 100 centimeters high.The materials on each side of the border line are replaced each other on the walls of the room for a large group at the back of the restaurant.This visual shift works well to make guests aware of the continuity of design, and to inflate their expectations.This restaurant which moderately keeps casualness would be loved by the local population.

Project Name
Yasai to Gohan Nobukichi
Restaurant / 飲食
469-4-1F, Noji-cho, Kusatsu-city, Shiga, Japan / 滋賀県草津市野路町469-4-1F
54.7 square meters
24, Feb, 2013
Nobutaka Yamamoto / 山本信高
Torenta Co.,Ltd. / 株式会社トレンタ
ModuleX Inc. / 株式会社モデュレックス
Yoshiro Masuda / 増田好郎